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What is pension release?
Under current pension rules anyone who has a private pension or is a member of Company Pension Scheme is entitled to receive a tax-free cash lump sum, usually up to 25% of the fund value, when they reach the age of 55. The rest of the pension fund is then normally used to purchase what is called an annuity. 
The cash from your pension is all yours !
QROPS Pension Service can help you, as long as you are aged 55 or over, to release to up to 100% of your total pension funds value from the age of 55 by amalgamating all your pensions into one pot and then releasing the funds. The processes used and the way in which your pension is transferred is completely legal and in line with UK pension rules. So if you have 2, 3 or more pensions with different pension companies you may be able to put them all into a QROPS pensions scheme and then take the total value of these funds as a lump sum, in some cases tax free. 
You are then free to do with your pension money as you please, purchase property as an investment, pay off your mortgage or other debt, the choice is yours!
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