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Cash For Pension. Have you ever dreamed of being debt free, starting your own business, paying off your mortgage or go on that dream vacation. We can possibly make your dreams come true, you can now sell your pension.
We offer some of the highest payouts in the market, we can help you:
• Clear your debts
• Pay off your mortgage or catch up with your payments
• Put a deposit on a new home
• Put your kids through college
• Go on that luxury vacation
• Live worry free
We can help you get a cash lump sum payment for your US pension today to use for any purpose. How much cash you will get for selling your pension will depend on the value of your pension payments.
What we do is PURCHASE YOUR PENSION PAYMENTS, and pay you a lump sum upfront in exchange for those Pension Payments. 
So, it is a Pension buyout and Not a Pension Loan and therefore you do not have to worry about repayments or interest. 
The entire process takes 2 to 6 weeks to complete, depending on how fast you return the required documents to us.  The lump sum is not considered an Income; therefore you will not be taxed on it. The lump sum you would receive once you have been approved, will be directly deposited into the bank account that you have specified.

Who can cash in a US pension ?
Regular Military Pension (D.O.D.)
VSI (Voluntary Separation Incentive *Regular Military Pensioners Who Leave the Military Early, & Receive a Specific Amount of years worth of Pension Payments - Annually)
Non-Military (Civil Service, Federal, State, Police, Etc.)
We purchase most Pension Payments.  
If you are receiving a Non-Military Pension you would need to be receiving and/or drawing your Pension Payment Currently, in order to proceed with our program.
If you are receiving a Regular Military Pension, you would need to be receiving and/or drawing your Regular Military Pension Payment for At Least 6 Months, in order to proceed with our program.

Our Program has proven to be very popular due to its flexibility, you make the decision whether you would like to sell either All or Just a Specific Portion of your Pension Payment(s).

Since our inception more than a decade ago, we have made a difference for thousands of pensioners who needed cash to solve a life-altering situation or wanted to capitalize on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity including:
  • Pay off medical bills
  • Pay off mortgage
  • Take a dream vacation
  • Handle a costly divorce
  • Fund college tuition
  • Reduce credit card debt
  • Launch a second-career business


Why Us ?

We have been in Business Since 1996, National in Scope but Local in Service, we have done all the hard work for you,
we have sourced the best pension purchase providers with the highest pay outs, we put forward you application to this select panel of approved providers, ensuring you get the best deal available.
Where do I start ?
To get a free pension buyout quote without any obligation or to start the application process to get cash for your pension, complete the form below.
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Privacy Policy
This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for our Web sites. This Web site wants to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy. The information and contact information collected on this site will be used to contact the individual to provide them with the information they requested on the contact form. The information will NOT be shared or sold on to third parties. Should you wish to change or delete this information, please contact us. We will not sell, share, publish or rent this information to others

In case of default:

1)      If source of pension (The Payer) defaults, the buyer does not seek payment from the pensioner personally.  For example, assume a retired state of NY pensioner does not receive their monthly check from the state of NY (state defaults) or the federal government shuts down as happened in Oct and Nov of 2013 the contract states that the pensioner is not liable to make future payments unless or until the federal or state government resumes payments to the pensioner.  Therefore this is not a loan, rather it is a pension advance, a sale.

2)      If the pensioner dies, the buyer does not seek payment from the pensioner’s estate.  Like item #1, if the pensioner does not receive their income streams due to their own death, the estate is not liable to make future payments.  Again, this is the premise of a sale, not a loan.

3)      The sale of an income stream does not affect one’s credit score.  This is very advantageous to the pensioner.  Unlike any loan, there is no mention of the sale on their credit report.  Additionally, any default on income streams payments is not reported to credit bureaus.

4) There is no renewal after the agreed contract time has elapsed.
Once you submitted the contact form, a pension specialist will contact you to discuss your requirements and explain the entire process to you. Should you then decide to proceed, you will be requested to provide pension statements, proof of ID and address to start the application. Once your application has been successful, it can take anywhere between 2 - 8 weeks to complete. Should you no longer wish to be contacted, please let us know via telephone or e-mail.
Our Service
Our service is to find the most suitable pension specialist for your circumstances. The pension specialist appointed will then explain the entire process to you and will quote you based on the information you provided. 
Cost of Service
Each case is assessed and quoted on on an individual basis due to the circumstances of the client being different from client to client but the cost typically vary between 8% - 15% p.a. Every potential client will receive a quotation in writing prior to deciding whether to proceed or not.
This service is not available to residents of Missouri, Vermont, Nevada and Texas.
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